🔥 A newsletter by developers for developers
hand selected by  Allan and  Thomas.

Fields of Interest

Here is some input from the interwebs
we thought you might like. Enjoy.

🏖 Fax on the Beach (hn discussion)

📻 On the Metal: Rick Altherr

🔬 A new hash algorithm for Git

📔 An Introduction to Femtolisp

⚙️ An interactive tutorial on gears

🎬 A Slice Through the History of Programming Languages

🎮 Your own high-end cloud gaming service on EC2 (hn discussion)


This month we are looking at
Project Euler #31 "Coin Sums".

Send us a gist of your code to [email protected]
until February 25th (AoE) to participate in a raffle for …

📙 one of 3 digital copies of the wonderful book
Elements of Clojure by Zach Tellman


Here are a few things
that are going on in and near Vienna right now.

📆 PyLadies Vienna (February 15th)

📆 React Vienna (February 17th)

📆 Vienna.rb (February 20th)

📆 ViennaJS (February 26th)

📆 AndroidHeads Vienna (March 5th)

New! 📆 CodeNugget Meetup (March 11th)

📆 Kotlin Vienna (March 31st)

Open Positions

We were looking for the most interesting
open software development positions available right now.

This list mainly focuses on companies in Vienna
and companies that have a connection to Vienna.

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Do you know about an interesting company or position we missed? Please reach out and let us know.