🔥 A newsletter by developers for developers
hand selected by  Allan and  Thomas.

Fields of Interest

Here is some input from the interwebs
we thought you might like. Enjoy.

🎬 AlphaGo (Documentary)

📻 On the Metal: Jonathan Blow

🔬 Lemmings 2: The Tribes

📔 Illustrated jq tutorial

📬 Ask HN: Was the Y2K crisis real?

🎮 The Story of the PS2’s Backwards Compatibility


Here are a few hardware products
recommended by community members.

New 💻 Macbook Air (Daring Fireball)

💻 Macbook Pro 16"

New 📱 iPad Pro (Daring Fireball)

🎛 Raspberry Pi 4

🎆 Razer Core X

📡 TP-Link Archer C6

Community, Meetups, Conferences

Here are a few talks
from past conferences as well as an upcoming meetup.

📆 NoCode Vienna (March 26th on Zoom)

🎬 Winning the War on Error (Matt Might, Code Mesh 2017)

🎬 The Mess We're In (Joe Armstrong, Strange Loop 2014)

🎬 Simple Made Easy (Rich Hickey, Rails Conf 2012)

Open Positions

We were looking for the most interesting
open software development positions available right now.

This list mainly focuses on companies in Vienna
and companies that have a connection to Vienna.

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Do you know about an interesting company or position we missed? Please reach out and let us know.